So, eight months or so have passed since I’ve last been around in this space. We’re back! Since then, I’ve moved from Guatemala back to Canada, started a new full-time nonprofit job in Toronto, and am moving towards my (long-known, long-denied) goal of entering the dietitics field. It’s arisen that, despite all the reasons not to upheave my entire career path that I’ve dedicated five years of schooling towards and many internship + job hours, my passion is clear. And I’ve known it for a while.

If you’re here, then I’m sure you must be at least somewhat interested in the health/wellness/food world. So am I, of course, but I’ve grown a little tired of the obsession around labelling diets. Why should it matter to anyone how you eat and what you choose to put inside your body? For two and a half years, I proudly defined myself as a vegetarian. I dove into eating vegan for a couple months. I’ve been eating fish for a while, now. And recently… cue gasp… I’ve been eating chicken!

My body had been telling me since I started this blog in October, honestly, that it was craving protein beyond my regular beans, lentils, and tofu rotation. I was lethargic, sluggish, foggy, and light-headed. All the while toting how ‘amazing’ plant-based eating is!

Want an even deeper confession? Remember that vegan butter chicken recipe I posted in the fall? I didn’t make it with tofu… I made it with chicken. I was shocked at myself, and felt truly ashamed around this deviation from my strictly adhered-to label. Vegetarians don’t eat chicken, of course. (P.S. if you make the recipe, it’s still equally delicious, regardless of your choice of protein - Indian food is my first love.)

For months, I quietly denied that the vegan-butter-chicken-recipe-which-wasn’t-close-to-vegan incident happened. I returned to my label, and the while lusting over the forbidden protein. For some reason, pork and beef still disgust me, and I have no desire to eat them. However, I’ve recently come out of the vegetarian closet, and couldn’t be happier about it. The horrified reactions I expected from those around me were only met with shrugs and slight pleasure that I could again share once-loved family recipes with my people.

So, moving forward with a Paige of Health (yay! Thanks for being here!), I’m no longer going to label this space as a ‘plant-based blog’ or anything of the like.

That being said - if you adhere to veganism, vegetarianism, a gluten-free lifestyle, or anything of the like, that is incredible! I’m obsessed with nutritional yeast creations, coconut flour, homemade oat milk, and paleo brownies, too! I’m just more supportive now than ever of listening to your body and adapting your nutrition choices based on what works best for you. No one else knows how your food is affecting you, and your choices, they remain that - your own.

For me? I am never breaking up with pizza. And you don’t have to either.

In two to three years, I’m going to be going back to school to become a registered dietitian, and in the meantime, I’ll continue nerding out on as much nutrition information as I can. I can’t wait to share what I learn, my struggles along the way, and of course the occasional recipe. If you’re interested in nerding out too, my favourite go-to science-based dietitian blogs are The Real Life RD, Nutrition Stripped, and Hummusapien.

If you’re still reading, thanks so much for being here! I’ll be posting every Friday - see you soon!

Paige xx