Happy Monday! I’ve had a gloriously slow weekend. After a summer of go-go-go camping here, trips across the province, and all things ‘busy’, I’m so beyond happy to have the next couple weekends to do as little as possible.

I thought it would be fun to pop in with a few things that I’m loving lately.

A good read: If you’ve struggled with finding the right approach to eating, this article from Registered Dietitian Alexis from Hummusapien is so worth a read. I love the idea of intuitive eating, and plan to integrate it into my future dietitian practice. I’ve already been applying it to my life and am so happy with it.

Hair: I’m pretty low maintenance overall, with my makeup routine being more or less the same since my late teens (ha). As a recovering hair straightener addict, I’ve been relearning how to air-dry my hair. This tutorial was a game-changer that I’ve been following for the past two months. What a difference! So simple - leave-in conditioner, widetooth comb, and sea salt spray. Give it a go and you’ll be embracing that natural Parisian look!

Music: I’ve been obsessed with Caroline Rector from Unfancy’s Spotify channel - her morning playlists are so calming and lovely. She’s got quite a few, with vibes emulating the feeling of each season.

Cooking: I’m making this favourite lentil mushroom bourguignon recipe tonight featuring portobello, red wine, and pearl onions. I loved this recipe even while I was still eating beef. Such a comforting, cozy meal as the colder weather makes it way over here!

Goals: If you, like me, are dreaming of or working towards being location independent in your career, this article from the Everygirl is a beautiful overview of the different types and ways you can attain this lifestyle.

Happy weekend! I hope this has made your morning a bit cozier.

Paige xx